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An Invitation to Realize your Original Mind through Awareness, Acceptance, Friendship,
Surrender and Action

 I, a Fully Awakened One
King of Innumerable Heavens
pay reverence and prostrate Myself to
The Great Mother
the Non-Dimension beyond the Absolute
Unknowable Nothingness beyond Nothingness
Bottomless Womb of the Eternal
Primordial Matrix in Which the Unborn Absolute
evolves and disappears
without cessation

paying reverence to
The Eternal Realm of Buddhahood
Platform of Transition in
The Void of The Incomprehensible Depth
Its Firstborn Child The Ultimate
Transparent Suchness of the universe
Silent Body of The Dharmakaya
Ultimate Plane of No Self
Utter Clarity of Great Perfection
Bliss of Complete and Supreme Emptiness

prostrating Myself also to
The Great Death
the Absence of any illumination
reflecting the Destructiveness of The Beyond
Emptiness destroying the self and its fixations
body and mind desperately lost in Darkness
all identity having disappeared into the Ocean of
frightening agony - nothing left to cling to
the Realm of Total Hopelessness
The Ultimate Terror

also paying reverence to
The Brilliance of The Pure Land
Homeland of Enlightenment
The Body of Amida Buddha
Source of Immeasurable Life and Infinite Light
Purifying Essence of the elements
Joy of Radiant Abundance
Ecstatic Lightness of Being
Its Compassion Arising
great devotion and gratitude

prostrating Myself also to
the Unity of Essence and energy
Source of Dynamic Intelligence
silence in action, sound of non-doing
playground of life
Creative Power behind diversity
skillful means to all Bodhisattvas
those who sincerely strive to Liberate
all sentient and non-sentient beings
with My Support they will Realize Buddhahood

paying reverence to
all Witnessing Beings
those who stepped out of suffering by
becoming Aware which is
The Most Crucial Step in Emancipation
Beginning of the Bodhisattva Career
Key to Wisdom and Compassion in
the ten directions
Freedom from ignorance from Which
The Vow of Liberation emerges

prostrating Myself also to
all sentient beings: man, plants and animals alike
all forms which are Emptiness
to the ignorant ones who remain imprisoned
living a life suffering in samsara
unaware, unwilling or unable to
accept the Law of Impermanence
all those who are in desperate need of
Wisdom and Compassion
in order to become awakened

finally paying reverence to
all non-sentient beings
the manifold patterns of energy
ever changing events of the universes
the interdependency of relations and objects
the visible world of nature
galaxies, stars and planets
earth, fire, air and water
as well as the invisible microscopic world
life as it appears to humans

I, a Fully Awakened One Claim
these Eight Plains as My Realization
Confirming My Inclusive Birth HereNow
Being The Ultimate Buddha of Ever Fresh Beginning
Having Penetrated The Supreme Law of
Birth and Death containing all Dimensions
The Essential Nature being Empty beyond Emptiness
being sent to earth by The Great Mother
to fulfil My Promise of bringing
life back to its Original Wholeness

Mediating between past and future Dharma
Transforming decline into Exaltation
I Confirm the Renewal of
The Perpetual Cycle of Regeneration
in this most desperate of times
Reconciling power and Realization
Overcoming dichotomy of aspirations
Practising open-ended possiblities
remembering My Own shortcomings in the past
hence manifesting Myself as an ordinary human

having said so I proclaim the Universality of
AWARENESS as The Basic Need of mankind
Causeless Clarity of Mind Only
not moving from here to there
neither striving nor attaining
no need to liberate Itself
just simply Being There everywhere
Transforming conceptualization into Reality
darkness into transcendental Bliss
thus emancipating life

instead of trying to escape from desire
which is suffering once again
identification is accepted as being part of life
a life-affirmative attitude
the base of understanding
seeking integration of different levels of the mind
we transform ourselves toward greater wholeness
being Aware with great ACCEPTANCE
will therefore certainly benefit life
I emphasize the Attitude that is All Embracing

descending into the realm of interdependency
no phenomenon in the universe
exists apart from the whole
to share is the key to man’s existence
participating in networks of energy
being exchanged without interruption
I proclaim the transformation of relationship into
the Practice of Universal FRIENDSHIP
to be yourSelf intimately connected
is the base of all communion

seeing the effects of ignorance of many kalpas
like the rejected inner complexes causing
the disastrous cycle of destructiveness and fear
I Personally Commit Myself to
the greater and smaller problems of mankind
inciting The Thought of Enlightenment into
as many men and women possible who
becoming aware of themselves and their environment
will do everything to emancipate all beings
and to transform the world

hence the Bodhisattvas
pursuing neither non-practice nor practice
being fully aware using the Inexhaustible Lamp
according to their state of Realization
not going anywhere but
relaxing in What they Are Already
SURRENDERING and practising hard
sharing, celebrating life and death
experiencing Self and Other Power
may you serve all beings awakening them all

looking at ourselves without any conclusion
enjoying the beauty of the five skandhas
combining great clarity with trust
illustrious virtue and skillful means arise
developing intimate relationships with nature and
loving the people around us
devoting ourselves to The Great Mother as
The Ultimate Truth of Ekayana
we will Realize our inherent Buddhahood
giving rise to Great ACTION

Via this website HMS made his entire work available to everyone. Follow his call of devotion to the Great Mother. It is your birth right. Every sincere seeker who wishes
to contact him is welcome.